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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. some occupy oakland protestters plan to march tonight. this morning they are back at a newly rebuilt city hall encampment getting a morale booster from michael moore. >> occupy oakland! occupy everywhere! >> michael moore fired up the hundreds of people who packed frank ogawa plaza. >> in my lifetime i have never seen a movement like this take hold this fast with this many people all across the country! thank you everyone! >> while moore was boosting morale on the plaza, the mayor and police chef held a news conference inside city hall. chief jordan said he visited scott olsen, the iraq vet injured in the skirmish with the police. >> and mayor quan said she tried her best to speak with the occupy camp.
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>> express my sorrow for what happened. >> she said she tried to speak to the camp. she was asked why the tents are back after it caused so much in money, campaign suffering on both sides to remove them. several police officers were also injured tuesday. >> we aren't exactly letting them. but again, when we moved last week it was an issue of safety. i'm trying to meet with them. we don't want them to camp downtown. >> the tents are back up. now the occupy camp is calling a general strike for wednesday, something that hasn't happened here since 1946. mayor quan also said an investigation into tuesday's police action will be released sometime next week. in oakland, abc7 news. >> michael moore also asked the crowd for a moment of silence for scott olsen, the 24-year-old decorated marine who remains in fair condition this morning. he suffered a fractured skull when he was struck by a
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projectile during the clash between protesters and the police. doctors are hoping he will make a full recovery. and all is quiet in occupy san francisco where protesters made a different appearance. critical mass bike ride through the city as they do the last friday of the month. it began at justin herman plaza. last night was no different. protest groups simply appeared to ignore each other. the occupy movement is active in the north bay this morning, arc occupy pet loom ma. a weekend of shopping at union square turned into an embarrassing incident for state
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assemblywoman mary hayashi. she was arrested for shoplifting. we have more on the arrest and her explanation of how it happened. >> state assemblywoman mary hayashi was busted at niemann marcus at union square. she's charged with stealing $2,500 of clothes. >> they have surveillance video of her and they made a citizens arrest. >> police say the security agents here watched the assemblywoman and waited her to exit the store before detaining her. she has since turned to high profile public relations consultant sam singer. he tells us it is all a big unfortunate mistake. >> she was planning to do too many things at the same time. she had several cell phones, she went down to have a snack at the cafe there. she failed to go back to purchase the items, stepped outside the door, realized something was wrong, but before she had the opportunity to go back and correct her own mistake, security was there.
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>> he said his client would speak to us, but she hasn't responded so far. she posted $15,000 bail sunday and pleaded not guilty before a san francisco judge thursday afternoon. ironically the assemblywoman is married to alameda county superior court judge dennis hayashi. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> state finance director is facing a dui charge after being stopped on suspicion of drunk driving in sacramento friday night. -- thursday night. she is a top advisor to governor brown. she took responsibility for the incident. she said her actions were reckless and irresponsible. and there was no excuse for it. she said she called the governor to apologize. for a second year a bar caught unsuspected criminals on surveillance tape. the video from lefty oh deal's bar shows two people walking away from a jewelry store after a diamond bracelet and bengals
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were stolen. the police chased the person down the street. the same security police caught a man who stole a picasso drawing during a crime. he pleaded guilty yesterday. san jose police will be out in force for today's burr role of murdered steve. he was shot to death after murder of jeffrey pettigrew on october 13th. as many as about thousand bikers were in the cemetery when he was killed. today's event is by invitation only and is much smaller. time of the event is confidential. >> coming up next, green graffiti. a company that's leaving its mark with a high pressure hose but is it legal? next
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> some enterprising folks are taking advantage of dirty sidewalks by etching ads on to them. ads at your feet, are they legal? the gray area in the law boils down to how so-called reverse graffiti is created. >> what we are doing is not necessarily illegal, but not necessarily legal. maybe in the gray zone. >> it might look like paint or stickers, but a closer look reveals the ad on san francisco sidewalk is actually made of nothing. >> we put down a stencil in a dirty spot. we pressure-washed the lettering and lifted it up and there's the clean advertising. >> advertising by cleaning, otherwise known as reverse graffiti. >> if you write "wash me" on a car in the dirt, that's a form
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of reverse graffiti. >> jim started it and gave us this video as his company did ads for companies all over europe. he sees it as a greener and subtler alternatives to billboards. >> we aren't using any paper or inkor back lighting. >> the whole thing is done with water. >> here goes. >> the pressure is so high that the stream is moving supersonic. it's about mock 2. >> it's strong enough to cut through steal, carving out a stencil for the clean ad. >> there's our sign. >> in about 20 minutes, the ad for company petagonia is ready to hit the streets." >> i'm not using harsh chemicals, just the water and heat and pressure. >> that's away to blast away months of sidewalk grime to create the letters on the background of dirt. >> the dirtier, the better. >> reverse graffiti as an art
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form is not knew to san francisco. back in 2008 a graffiti artist from london came and cleaned the giant mural. it's in the wall of the broadway tunnel. >> they look at it and think its a spray painting. it's just a cold realization that the world is really, really dirty. >> paul curtis goes by the name of moose. he was captured in this short it video capturing the 140 photomural that was commissioned to help promote a cleaning product. >> what we call a larger than life product demo where you can see how well green works cleans. >> they get covered over in a few weeks from being walked on. people don't walk on walls. >> we are almost approaching four years. >> its still here. >> it is. >> almost. the logo has been wiped away. although he had a permit to create a mural, he didn't have a permit for outdoor advertising. >> is there a circumstance you allowed people to put adds on a public right-of-way. >> no. >> the department of public works is charged with keeping
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the city's sidewalks, streets, and, yes, the broadway tunnel free what have it calls graffiti. >> graffiti is unsanctioned, unpermitted work that's been put on either buildings or the public right-of-way. >> and that's where it gets tricky. >> we aren't applying something to the surface, which is how most of the rules are written. >> he said so far he's never got anyone trouble because most governments, including san francisco's, have no law against cleaning. >> we are going to be investigating and taking a look at what enforcement code this falls un. >> instead of citations, he wants to see cities selling permits for clean ads. >> i believe people would tolerate advertisement on the ground in this form if they knew a portion of the money coming out of that was actually going toward funding schools or funding the national forests. >> and while the city figures out how to handle the new ads it's asked the companies responsible to come back and remove them by cleaning the rest of the sidewalk. in san francisco, johnathan bloom, abc7 news.
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>> st. carlos residents may smell natural gas this morning as pg&e crews reconnect a pipeline that was pressure tested. starting at 9:00 this morning pg&e crews working edge wood and kanetta will be recharging line 147 with natural gas. some gas will be vented in the air as part of that process. the work is expected to be over by noon. if you smell gas and have any questions about the source, call the utility's 24 hour service number. the golden gate bridge turns 75 next year. and the bridge district is planning a year-long celebration. in the works, a new visitors pavilion, two new scenic overlooks, and for the first time public tours of the bridge. no bridge walk this time. back in 1987 so many people turned out for the 50th anniversary they flattened the curve of the span. >> were you there, by any chance? >> i don't think i mentioned that before except every possible chance i get. it was an exciting moment to go on the 50th walk. so many people got on, so many
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more than they expect the. they also told the story the next day, engineers were concerned if people had started singing it would have created a vibration that could have led to the bridge's collapse. i saw it in the chronicle. that's something you never forget. that would have been one of the all-time disasters but it was wonderful as it was. >> you didn't build the bridge, though. >> my dad was involved in it. she led me into that. i'm fascinated by the golden gate bridge. will it be sunny there today? >> yes. we have cool conditions out there. 52 hayward and san francisco and 39 in napa. we will be back with the weekend forecast and a look ahead next. >> take me to the bridge. also ahead, the texas-size collapse is complete. st. louis finishes off the rangers with yet another come back. larry beil has sports coming up. [ mom ] hey guys.
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>> welcome back. you see the bridge right there. looks like we've got not exactly a crystal clear morning. lisa -- i don't know, maybe it's the camera.
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>> maybe. >> lisa, she's not committal at this time. we will get more from her momentarily. all right. the first ski report to open, they will open yesterday and will be again today from nine to two. 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. part of an early two-day season. one lift is operating with one run, tickets are $15 for everyone because of the limit the open. there's no ski school this weekend. it's not there was heavy snowfall we missed. just they do this to be the first one that's open. they make the snow. >> it's 23, tahoe valley airport. there was a slight opportunity for some snow the end of the week. now it looks like we aren't going to see that. we will be looking at still this clear, dry, cool weather to ten into next week. although the humidity is high with the longer nights so that's why it's probably not looking crist cal clear. but it is clear overall. we will see a return to the fog moving up the san mateo coast on
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sunday morning. overnight tonight. but between now and then we are talking about some cold morning readings. 42 fairfield. some mild afternoon highs. 53 san francisco, 46 has been moon bay. we are talking about clear and once again chilly. although some spots are warmer today. novato is five to six degrees warmer. temperatures above average. we are talking about five degrees above where we should be for this time of year and dry through monday, halloween. but dry all the way through the end of next week. it's high pressure offshore and to the east of us it's building this broad ridge of high pressure. we do have a weak will wave that's going to move through the area late tomorrow and into monday. so by tomorrow the high shifts a little bit to the east. we will see a little bit more fog. then we will get into another offshore flow. you know what that means, no fog, a little breezy and the dry pattern continues. plan on those cool nights and
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mild averages with numbers coming down just a couple degrees tomorrow. so today warmer than tomorrow and it looks as though the high temperatures warming all the way into southern california, as well with 82 in loves, 78 fresno. lows in the 20s this morning, making it to the low 060s in the afternoon with 78 in sacramento. in the south bay mid-and upper 70s in some spots. 78 los gatos. 73 san jose. how about 76 for you today on the peninsula? mid-70s for redwood city. at the coast light winds today, warmer than tomorrow with 70 in pacifica. san francisco 73. that's five degrees above where you should be for late october. but we will take it. 71 daly city. in the north bay a beautiful afternoon, very mild with numbers approaching 79 degrees in calistoga. 76 novato. look at the low to mid-70s
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from hayward to san leandro. oakland coming in at 75, fremont 75 and we are talking 79 degrees in pleasanton and 78 walnut creek. tomorrow just as mild here but the changes come in from the monterey, up to the san mateo coast. today enjoy 80 in morgan hill and 72 monterey. here's the alaska day 7 day forecast. a slight cooling tomorrow. halloween looks pretty nice. numbers still above average. we will cool it back right on through the work week and by the weekend is doesn't look like we will see rain but highs will be around average. so not unusual to see this dry stretch so it looks pretty nice. i think most people enjoy it. >> yeah. that pumpkin moving back and forth cast a spell on me. i don't know what's going on here. >> even for you. >> yeah. >> thank you, lisa. dan joins us from new york to he tell us what is coming up on
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"good morning america." >> something cast a spell on you? i'm so curious. >> the weather department put together an animated pumpkin which is a slot for the halloween forecast. >> gotcha. speaking of the halloween forecast, check this out i know it's not an issue for you, but we here on the right coast, on the east coast, are heading into a white halloween weekend. a nasty storm barreling up the northeast this morning. we are looking at the heaviest october snowfall in this part of the country in decades. major cities in the crosshairs this morning. we are tracking it all live with our weatherperson. and an incredible survival story. after nearly a week lost all by himself in the wilderness, an 8-year-old autistic boy has been found and's doing well. we will take you inside that rescue this morning. and how one mother reacted under maximum stress. caught in her home on the third floor with her two children in an out of control fire. she will be with us live this morning with an exclusive interview to tell us what
6:22 am
happened, what was going through her mind during those pictures. and they say cats have nine lives. well, we have the story of a dog who defied death. how daniel the dog, no relation to daniel, the anchor man defied an attempt to put him down in a shelter. he's live with us. very well-behaved dog. you have to see this story. >> i think you locked in our audience because the san francisco area may be, it may have the highest percentage of animal owners of anywhere in the united states, maybe the world. >> i think that says good things about the people in one of my favorite cities in america. >> absolutely. absolutely, dan. well said. you just locked up everybody in the audience. >> that's my job. terry, great to talk to you. >> see you later. >> in sports tonight sixth ranked stanford battles usc at the coliseum and cal place usc at the rose bowl and last night st. louis ended the giants rangers as world series champs with a game 7 win over the texas rangers.
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here's larry beil with this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the cardinals needed one more comeback last night in game 7 and now the world series title is theirs. nelson cruz and the rangers eager to put game 6 behind them. texas jumped on chris carpenter in the first inning. michael young going the other i way. this ball drops in. josh hamilton scores. and it's 2-0, texas. just like game 6 the cardinals have an answer. bottom of one, david freese, whatever this kid is eating, i want some. laces it into the gap, two runs scored. he would be the mvp. tied in the third. and cal bear allen craig deep to right and aloha, his third home run of the series. and carpenter dealing. five strikeouts, two earned runs in six innings and he was pitching on three days rest. little help here, nelson cruz deep to left. allen craig, robbed the home run right there. 6-2, cards.
6:24 am
one out away from victory. david murphy to left and craig squeezes it for the final out. the cardinals, who were ten and a half games out of the wildcard in august, made the playoffs on the final day of the season and come all the way back, world champs for the 11th time in their franchise history. >> finally got into the playoffs and said look, let's not get distracted. if we can get all the way, or however far we go, we will enjoy it afterwards and here we are, we are going to enjoy it. >> two months we were supposed to be home watching the world series, now we are the world champions. >> the character of the guys on this team is second to none. i'm so glad to be a part of this. >> what a great series. a scare for cal basketball coach mike montgomery, who had surgery for bladder cancer last week. the operation deemed a success and the former stanford and warriors coach said he's now cancer free. montgomery made the revelations
6:25 am
at pac-12 media day to los angeles. the 64-year-old coach said doctors told him he had a high grade bladder cancer but they caught it just in time. he had surgery on october 19th. after a little rest and recovery, plans to be back prepping for the upcoming season on monday. >> no, i've got no limitations. it's just a matter of getting your strength back and being 100%. just so you know perspective wise, he said three months we ago we wouldn't have found it, six months from now you would be done. so the timing couldn't have been better. if you have an ache or pain, get checked. >> good advice. just when it looked like the nba was close to an end, of of the lockout, things just completely fell apart. so the nba cancelled all games scheduled through november 30th. they wiped out the first month of the season. now the commissioner says a full 82-game season is impossible. the big issue, of course, money. how to split up the revenue. no further talks have been scheduled.
6:26 am
stanford has beaten each of their last ten opponents by at least 25 points. that has not happened in college football in 75 years. it would be a shock if they can do that to usc later tonight. the cardinals head to the coliseum in l.a. with 93,000 fans. they will be going crazy. it's the prime time game on abc7, kicking off at 5:00 p.m. stanford has beaten them in three of their last four meetings. they are favored by 8. the coach is expecting a rowdy scene. >> the crowd will be into it, the band will be playing, the horses running around. there will be a lot of stuff going on. i told the guys two weeks ago, you know, if you want to be a good team, you are going to have to play in big games and perform. >> and we have that game. stanford and sc at 5:00 p.m. also cal at ucla. a little no cal and so cal weekend. to the ice. sharks in detroit. second period, murray bangs it
6:27 am
off the boards. look at the speed by patrick marleau and he goes cop shelf. 2-1 sharks, his second goal of the season. and little joe to big joe. thornton adds an empty netter in the third and the sharks win their fourth straight on the road. one more reminder, college football, stanford and sc right here at 5:00 p.m. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next at 6:30, big bank backlash. how your local credit union could become the beneficiary of a growing national backlash against big banks. also digging into history. renovations on the oldest building reveal an original adobe exposed for the first time in more than 100 years.
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>> some big banks are back being down from their plan to impose new fees. bank of america said their five dollars monthly fee for debit cards is evolving. the bank says they will look into was to make it easier for customers to avoid paying. and wells fargo is cancelling the three dollars fee on debit card because what a spokesman called customer feedback. we report on a growing national backlash against big banks. >> the movement started on facebook. bank transfer day has already attracted over 29,000 likes. the goal is very simple, punish the banks that want to charge
6:31 am
three dollars to five dollars a month for debit card transactions by switching to a credit union. the day is saturday, november 5th. county federal credit union in san jose will be ready. >> all of our branches will be staffed kind of extra for that day. we will have banners out at our branches and posters and the website. the information will be available. >> san jose credit union is also planning a big push that includes free food and prizes. more than 92 million000 americans belong to credit unions. their trade group claims lower fees and higher rates save members billions a year compared to banks. federal credit union based in san jose doesn't charge for credit card use. while it has only six branches, it's 44,000 members get free access to over 28,000 atms across the country. members say they love the personal attention. >> i actually had the ceo of the credit union call me at home wondering if everything was
6:32 am
okay, if i had any questions, if i had anything i want to talk to him about, just come on down and talk to her. it was great. i've never had that happen before. >> some credit unions have charter restriction that is limit membership to people who work in the public sector or specific industries. others with a community charter can sign up members as large. and she said she's shocked by the number of people joining her movement. county federal says they don't have a target for the number of new customers they hope to get from the campaign. >> bank transfer day appears to have won its campaign against new major banks but that leaves one bank that still plans to charge the fee. abc7 news. there are only three weeks left in this congressional session and president obama said in his weekly address that american families can't wait any longer for congress to take action on fixing the economy. so he's making moves now. >> this week we announced a new policy that will help families whose home values have fallen to refinance their mortgages and save thousands of dollars. we are making it easier for veterans to get jobs putting their skills to work in hospitals and community health centers.
6:33 am
we reformed the student loan process so more young people can get out of debt faster. and we are going to keep announcing more changes like these on a regular basis. >> the republican response calls for the president to support their jobs proposal with fewer regulations, no red tape and no new taxes. a sunyvale company said it shipped at least 13 internet blocking devices to dubai last year, destined for iraq. according to wall street journal the company doesn't know how the equipment got to syria. when it found out they alerted u.s. authorities. company is investigating other possible unauthorized transfers. as part of the transformation of the officers club is the latest building to get an overhaul. it's one of the city's oldest buildings in use since 1776. heather reports. >> by the time these pictures
6:34 am
were taken in the 1930s and 40s, the presidio officers club was already more than 150 years old. now they are digging into the history, revealing the original adobe building and foundation laid down in 1776 by spanish colonists. the adobe hasn't been exposed really for over 100 years. project manager christina wallace and adobe expert are key members of the team working to restore and renovate the club. it's been the heart of military and social life of the base for 235 years. the intent is to keep it that way. >> it will be the same. it will still be a social center and community center and also our heritage center. >> a gallery will fill what is now the empty space between the oldest and newest structures here. the two-story special events building in the back will stay
6:35 am
with its commanding view of the main post and bay. but with a face-lift from it's 1972 look. note the circular fireplace in the upstairs bar. a new one is already in place. the most delicate work will on replacing adobe bricks in the original building, dating from about 1810. the first two adobe structures were destroyed by fire and earthquake. thermography and impulse radar to try to give us an idea of the condition of the adobe without touching it. so we used these extremely high-tech methods to determine the condition of the most traditional material in the world, which is adobe. >> about 68% sand, 20 to 40% clay and some straw. >> taylor, the adobe expert, is here from new mexico. his crewmembers, also from new mexico, are building a sample wall to see how the replacement bricks will perform. the materials and methods are basically unchanged from 1776.
6:36 am
>> every area, every region has their little quirks about how they make adobes because they use the material that's available to them so they will, like, for example, in the sierra, instead of using straw they will use pine needles, the tradition in the state of chihuahua, they will use horse manure as part of their mix because it counteracts the salt you find in adobes. >> the building's base and roof will be where most will be replaced because of water damage. >> in addition, when we talk about sustainability, sustainability starts with an already-built structure. so this is as green as it gets. >> it will be open and free to the public, hopefully in 2013. heather, abc7 news. >> lisa is here now with a look ahead to our forecast. and also the important halloween evening forecast. >> yes. we are on quite a roll with our
6:37 am
mild averages, chilly mornings. not quite as cold this morning. the clear. more fog moving into the picture over the weekend. that will bring down the numbers but is there any rain in the forecast? i'll let you know coming up. >> also ahead the field of district attorney candidates in ñ be small, but you why itg to tell should be a very lively contest. [ beep ] [ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables. and it's got tender white-meat chicken... the way i always made it for you. oh, one more thing honey... those pj's you like, the ones with the feet, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> that's a nice picture looking at the buildings in downtown san francisco. you can so that it's clear and they are shining and we've got a nice forecast on the way. lisa will be along shortly with that. if you think carving a pumpkin is hard, try carving one under water. that's what is going on at the aquarium of the bay in san francisco. fighting curious fish and floating pumpkins, scuba divers are carving up faces on the gourds. one took a bite. he didn't stay for seconds. you can see the carvings if you want to go down there, every day through monday. go down there if you want to see some under water pumpkin carving, not to be confused with under water basket weaving. that's pretty neat. nice to watch with all the fish. >> very mellow along with our weather. we will talk about a snowstorm
6:41 am
out east. >> we heard about that from dan. >> we are here enjoying the clear start. we will talk about a mild weekend with temperatures above normal once again but changes coming to the forecast the latter half of the weekend and that will bring a little bit of fog, somewhat cooling. but this morning eats cold, 39 in napa. we are talking warmer around novato, 53 in san francisco with 50 in redwood city. temperatures once again with the clear sky, the radiational cooling, the light winds bringing in cool numbers. the sun not coming up until about another half-hour or so, 40 minutes. we are looking at sunshine over the weekend with dry conditions not only through halloween, but through the work week next week. so here's the heavy, wet snow we are talking about in portions of upstate new york and a big rain from baltimore down through virginia beach. we're talking not only a couple
6:42 am
inches but some places in new england could get a foot of snow. we are talking power outages and very gusty winds, over 40 miles an hour. you see the track of the low continues to head to the north and east right on through tomorrow morning. and already airport delays in philadelphia. so if you have any travel plans, what a mess for the weekend here in the northeast. contrasting that to a very dry spell that continues to last throughout -- over the weekend and into next week. we do have a weak little system up here to the north and west of us. that will play a role in our high temperatures tomorrow. overall the pattern remains dry right on through it looks like next weekend. if you are looking for any snow maybe you have to go to the east coast. 76 in santa clara, as well as san jose. peninsula warming to the mid-70s. look at that, 72 in half moon bay. san francisco, 37 degrees. average highs in the upper 60s
6:43 am
for san francisco and okay flash late october. we are warming through the 70s in the north bay. 79 cloverdale. and near east bay, mid-70s here. 73 in hayward. so the numbers even a couple degrees warmer. you head inland and we are talking 77 in danville with walnut creek come in at 78, as well as dublin. 78 livermore and down by the bay, a clear start, warm afternoon with 81 in gilroy. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. today the warmest day out of the next seven. slight cooling tomorrow. more of an offshore push come tuesday and by wednesday we see the numbers continue to drop with cool conditions. the rain is backing off. so a quiet time. and as we transition into november. >> yeah, but we are really heading on the down slope. >> slowly, ah-ha.
6:44 am
>> thank you, lisa. to the election for district attorney in san francisco right now. a recent bay city usf poll shows the incumbent leading his opponents. the field of candidates may be small, but they all have diverse stands. this should be a lively contest. >> congratulations. >> the former police chief was appointed district attorney in january by mayor newsome. he succeeded camila harris, who ws elected the attorney general. he's a lawyer, veteran police officer who was assistant chief of the l.a. pd. he was early opponent of the crime tracking system who was credited with reducing crimes. he believes his management skills make him the best candidate for the job. >> you are not hiring an trial attorney, you are hiring the person who is going to run the organization. the experience here is understanding the criminal justice system, how do you deal with big issues, how do you deal with the personnel issues, how do you deal with community some. >> hi, you guys. i'm charmine bock.
6:45 am
aim running for san francisco district attorney. >> she is running for district attorney. she has two years of experience as a prosecutor. grew up in san francisco. she's a nationally no one expert in human trafficking cases and currently heads a special operations unit handling dna and cold cases. she believes her lengthy trial experience makes her most qualified for the job. >> the only one ready for the prosecutor's job is the prosecutor. you are hiring a chef, i'm the only one doing the cooking right now. makes a difference if you are know the law and you are leading an army of trial lawyers. you need to walk at least a mile in their shoes. >> and bill started as a san francisco prosecutor who later became a prominent defense lawyer. he entered the race at the last moment, filing his papers in august. this is his fourth run for the office. the last time in 2003 when he was defeated by camila harris.
6:46 am
he said he has everything his opponents have plus more. >> i have the administrative skills that george speaks about. i run a successful law practice for over 16 years. ms. bock talks about her experience as a prosecutor in alameda. i've been a prosecutor in san francisco for over 20 years. >> david is a senior fellow at u.c. berkeley center for criminal justice. he's a former san francisco police commissioner. he has worked extensively with community-based organizations trying to help teens stay out of trouble. he says the criminal justice system is broken and he's the one to reform it. >> i'm the only candidate who not only has law enforcement experience working on the san francisco police commission and in the mayor's office of criminal justice and working very closely with law enforcement, but also significant experience in the community. >> his number one priority would be to focus on getting kids out of the criminal justice system. all of the other candidates say reducing violent crime will be their primary goal. vic lee, abc7 news. >> don't go away.
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6:50 am
64 degrees. that's the high temperature right now at truckie, not far from right there. 23 degrees. one of the coldest spots in california, 23 degrees in truckie, but a great day coming to the tahoe area. home improvement projects can be as nerve-racking as they are expensive. there are so many things that could go wrong and for one bay area family something did. here is 7 on your side's michael finney with their story. >> shifted the whole shutter over. >> everything looks perfect in the new bathroom this family just built. however, there is a problem. these size shutters are too wide for the window. >> they went outside and could see the shutters were off-center. >> you can see the frame. of the shutter, but then over here you don't see that at all. >> stacy showing us how the wooden shutters stretch beyond the window frame and slightly into this alcove. there used to be custom made shelves in the alcove, but they no longer fit.
6:51 am
so stacy had to take them down. >> it didn't feel all that great. we spent -- it was a lot of money for us to buy the shutters. >> the window covering cost $780. stacy said it should fit perfectly. so they contacted j.c. penney and to their relief the retailer agreed to correct the problem. >> she said that doesn't sound right. we will fix that. >> a technician came to the home, remeasured the window and they figured they would return with new shutters. instead, no one came and no one called. so the family contacted j.c. penney again. >> they said we are working on t it, we will double check. nothing. >> weeks went by, then months. still no shutters. and their custom shelves still sat behind the door. >> we were like, great, now what do we do? then we decided to contact 7 on your side. >> we contacted j.c. penney and after looking into their case
6:52 am
the store agreed to give them their money and refunded the full $780. j.c. penney said customer satisfaction is our number one goal. fortunately we were able to resolve the customer's issue by refunding the full price of the shutters and allowing them to keep the shutters installed in their home. >> finally we got some resolution and we will be getting a new shutter. >> we would like to thank j.c. penney for stepping up and refunding the money. now if you have a construction problem or any consumer issue, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, acrobats, athletes and artists.
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in just a couple days the earth's population will hit a remarkable milestone, 7 billion people. the united nations demographers say odds are good the baby will be born in india, which has the highest rate of births per minute in the world. the 7th billion birth is estimated to occur on monday. they said despite the milestone, the human growth rate is actually shrinking. a bay area has returned for a new engagement. totem is the newest cirque du soleil show. it's in a giant tent by at&t park. we have a sneak-peek under the
6:56 am
big top. >> it is an astonishing display by acrobats, athletes and artists. the new show, totem, is about the evolution of man. we all know the dazzling production that goes inside the show, but it's really backstage where the magic happens. we caught the unicyclists rehearsing, tossing balls to each other. this is what they look like in performance and here is their costume. >> they represent autumn and the change of seasons. >> the wardrobe department maintains the designs. they are among 100 local workers hired for the show. >> every night about 750 pieces, including hats, jewelry, wigs. and then at the same time we carry the same amount in backup. >> totem has about 250 props. this is a show about timing. >> we are very focused on the efficiency backstage. >> the show goes on and as you
6:57 am
know the pace just keeps going from the moment you guys arrive in the big top until you leave. >> it's about flow and design. >> we operate all the systems. we are either under stage, above the stage, in the house. >> the scientists speakers get tuned daily. and this is the scientist-slash-juggler, craig kennedy of philadelphia. rehearsing in his acrylic cone. craig has juggled since he was a kid. he became an engineer and then combined the two. >> it was fun for me to try different things and juggling in different shapes and bouncing, rolling, all source of things. >> it takes 300 people to put the show on nightly. most you never see. >> everything at cirque du soleil is more complicated than you might think. >> don sanchez, abc7 news. >> let's check the forecast win more time. >> a beautiful weekend out will. a little warmer today than tomorrow. starting out clear from mount tam. low 50s san francisco. but later on today pretty much everyone in the mid-70s.
6:58 am
some upper 70s. even our coast. 78 in santa cruz with 75 in fremont. livermore warming to the upper 70s. 80 morgan hill. a little cooler, fog in the morning, sea breeze tomorrow. the trend will be downward in terms of temperature but dry next week. >> all right, lisa. thank for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. next newscast at 8:00 a.m. keep track of us on twitter and you can talk about it
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